viernes, 28 de septiembre de 2012

sonidos para enmascaramiento gratuitos

Free Tinnitus Masker Downloads


We produce some of the most unique sounds for relaxation and sleep. 
We also recognize the need for people with Tinnitus (ringing ears) to find some relief. This is why we have offered free Tinnitus masking MP3 audio sleep-aids since the beginning of our site. 

I have had tinnitus in both ears for over 25 years so I know the problem well. The theory behind a noise masker is simple. Imagine one person in a quiet theater talking behind you. Irritating, right? But add 500 people talking in the same time and the irritating noise gets lost in the murmur. If you have a friend or loved one suffering from ringing ears or has noise induced insomnia you should direct them to our free MP3 downloads.

To play the audio files below simply click on download. To save the audio files right click your mouse and select 'save link as'. To create an audio CD in Windows Media Player open the file and select 'Burn' and then 'Burn now playing'.

Space Heater Noise 

 We had someone tell us they love the sound of a space heater as a noise masker. This is great if it is cold but when summer comes who wants to turn on a heater? This is a 22 minute recording we did at 256 Kbit/s in stereo. It is about 43 megabytes and is loop-able.

Vean mas ejemplos de sonido de enmascaramiento gratuito en la fuente de este artículo:

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