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Tinnitus: The Art and Science of Innovation
June 13 - 16, 2012, Bruges (Belgium)

With almost 300 participants from more than 26 countries the 6th International TRI Conference on Tinnitus in 2012 in Bruges was the best attended TRI meeting ever. 
The motto "The art and science of innovation" was reflected by an extraordinary program, integrating the perspectives of neuroscientists and artists, historicians and politicians, business men and clinicans.
TRI thanks the local organizers Marina Pieters, Sven Vanneste, Dirk De Ridder and Paul Van de Heyning and all participants for contributing to an exciting and inspiring meeting.

  Participants of the 6th INTERNATIONAL TRI CONFERENCE ON TINNITUS 2012 More than 130 presentations indicated the impressive in increase in quality and quantity of tinnitus research worldwid

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