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Lidocaine infusions

Author Thomas Coleman

Before going in for lidocaine infusions one must really weigh the options and really go ahead if convinced of the results.

Lidocaine infusions are a type of booster mode of treatment for tinnitus.
However, a couple of issues have to be given due attention before actually going for this form of treatment, irrespective of how effective (or, otherwise) lidocaine infusion can be in curing tinnitus problems.
Firstly, these methods provide extremely short-lived relief.
The respite lasts two minutes to a maximum of only a couple of hours. Secondly, lidocaine infusions do not work in all situations.
For example, if a benign tumor located in the ear, or any other external causes lies behind the origin of tinnitus, these methods cannot solve them. Even in the face of such limitations though, patients do opt for this as if this was their last resort.

The reasons behind people opting to go for lidocaine infusion can be varied. For example, some might feel that the cause of the ailment is nothing serious, and lidocaine can easily take care of it. Experimental application of these techniques to gauge its performance is also common. In the absence of other available options to treat tinnitus, many also view this treatment as the only effective cure. Any of these reasons can induce the affected person to go for lidocaine infusion methods, and the popularity of this is on the high too. This is rather surprising, because there are many obvious disadvantages.

Historically, we can find tinnitus problems even in 1600 BC, when the Egyptians suffered from this. They were aware of the infusion techniques as well. Interestingly, the eminent philosopher and learned thinker from Greece, Aristotle also suffered from this. We find him praising the techniques of infusion tinnitus treatments, indicating that he must have benefited by them.
At those ancient times, people used to generally think that, as they got on in years, tinnitus problems came along naturally. However, the attitude towards this has changed considerably in recent times as people now are more concerned with their health and want a good and hygienic lifestyle.
Hence, full-scale efforts are being made to find out the chief causes that can result in tinnitus issues, via researches and experimental studies.
The main aim of these researches is the discovery of a treatment that can offer lasting respite. Individual ways of living generally tend to affect tinnitus incidence in a significant manner.
If afflicted by tinnitus, a person's inner calm goes for a toss, (s)he cannot focus on anything, and even sleep does not come easily. The mere thought that the agonies caused by tinnitus are currently affecting 44 million individuals in the United States alone shows how serious this is.

One can argue that, although the relief provided by lidocaine is transitory in nature, the method has met with high rates of success.
However, the efficacy of lidocaine is not much better than the various over-the-counter (OTC) drugs. When this medication is introduced intravenously, it takes away all feelings from the end regions of nerves. This numbness is taken as a temporary respite. However, as soon as the numbness start to go away, the disturbing sounds of whooshing, ringing, crackling and hissing that are associated with tinnitus make a swift comeback.

Lidocaine infusions cannot be applied on all types of tinnitus affected people either. Many families can be totally subject to insensitivity to all lidocaine treatments. If the nerve endings of the tinnitus patients are of an unusual structure, (for example, in those who are under dental anesthesia) lidocaine cannot offer relief. In fact, there can be quite a large list of cases where lidocaine infusion techniques fail. Let us now look at some of such situations:

When patients have a second or a third degree cardiac obstruction and do not use pacemakers, When patients have serious sinoarterial obstructions, and do not wear pacemakers either, When patients suffer from hypertension (in cases when the problem is not from arrhythmia), When patients have Bradycardia, When patients tend to suffer from harmful side effects due to lidocaine treatment, and When patients are already consuming powerful drugs like guanidine.

Even for getting some short-term relief, lidocaine infusion methods cannot be relied upon. This treatment only creates an aura around the affected person, providing respite for only a few minutes, and very soon it makes a comeback. The sole method which can actually cure tinnitus in a lasting manner is offered by holistic remedies. Keeping in view the effectiveness of this, let us look into the main suggestions it makes:

Do not inhale tobacco in any form, Do not eat meat, or other food items like sausage, ham or bacon, that are prepared from meat.
Nor is consumption of tinned meat advisable,
Do not drink any type of beverage that has alcohol in it,
Make it a habit to eat more cereals, fruits, whole grains and vegetables regularly, Do not opt for tinnitus treatments involving consumption of over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, herb-based medications and/or remedial preparations that can be made at home,
Stay away from all forms of ototoxic medications (including antibiotics) as much as possible.
Consumption of these drugs should be only under prescription, Do not try to get rid of sinusitis by spraying anti-allergic ingredients in the nose, and Everyday, practice deep breathing exercises and the different postures of yoga.

Lidocaine Infusion Tinnitus Success Rate Is Not At All Impressive - Holistic Modes Of Treatment Work Much Better

The inner resistance power of the human body has to be bolstered up, so that all stress-related factors can be handled efficiently. That would automatically remove one of the chief reasons that result in tinnitus. Adoption of the holistic mode also involves a total overhaul of the lifestyles of the person, so that external tinnitus-causing factors cannot attack.

The conventional modes of tinnitus treatments tackle only the symptoms.
However, unlike them, the holistic ways takes into account the fact that the disease is multi-factorial.
All the causes are brought out and totally eliminated from the body, under this mode of treatment. It is rather obvious that when the underlying basic causes are driven out in this manner, the symptoms would follow suit as well. -

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