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ITunes Tinnitus Applications.

ITunes Tinnitus Applications There are many Tinnitus Applications available on ITunes, many are free. If you have tried and found that Sound Therapy, and Masking work for you then here is an easy way to download applications for your iPhone, and iPad to use on the go.

1. SleepStream 2: Tinnitus relief, Noise masking, Sleep induction, Relaxation, Power naps, Meditation, Concentration, Enjoyment. This Application costs 0.99 -$2.99 to download. There are extra features you can choose to add starting at 0.99 (My Favorite)!!

2. SimplyNoise: is a sound machine app. Featuring the highest fidelity white, pink, and brown noise samples that have helped thousands of people from all age groups and professions block distractions, enhance privacy, aid sleep, soothe Tinnitus, and melt away stress. The benefits of color noise have been utilized in clinics, schools, households, and offices around the world. Enjoy the benefits and features of SimplyNoise many expensive sound machines can't match, at a fraction of the price. (AnotherFavorite) $0.99

3. White Noise: White Noise provides ambient sounds of the environment to help you relax or sleep. Studies have shown White Noise can be used as Masking Therapy for Tinnitus sufferers. This Application Costs $1.99

4. Tinnitus: This App replaces the unsightly earpiece that is the standard treatment for tinnitus. Others might think you are listening to music but really you are applying the treatment prescribed by your audiologist. A chart will summarize, in hours, your use over time. This is a FREE Application

5. Tinnitus Relief - Audible Treatment: Sound Therapy, with Stress Relief and Meditation. FEATURES: - 3 high quality audio tracks- Easy controls and navigation- Seamless looping so you can listen for as long as you feel necessary- Adjustable volume- Easy to use interface- Simple instructions- Free updates.

6. Tinnitus Masker: Tinnitus masker is designed to 'drown out' the unpleasant ringing sounds associated with tinnitus. Tinnitus typically produces a high frequency 'sharp' tone. The sounds used by Tinnitus Masker are typically soothing, but still rich in high frequency energy - focusing in on the same frequency areas associated with tinnitus. Similar solutions may cost up to 10 times more. The brain has a tendency to ignore frequency rich, monotonous sounds when played over a certain period, thereby masking the annoying tinnitus sounds as well. Tinnitus masker offers a large selection of sounds. We advise trying them all, and find the one that works best for you. This Application Costs $5.99

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