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Click Experts from around the world have combined forces to help you let go of tinnitus. Is curing tinnitus within your reach?

Dainis W. Michel shares his personal experience with tinnitus, talks about how the forum at got spammed to the point where he had to take the forum down, and asks if there are people out there who would be interested in a $20/month membership site dedicated to supporting people with tinnitus and their loved ones while on the path to curing the condition.

Partial transcription:
Hello, my name is Dainis Michel, and I've put together this video to talk about three things. I'm going to tell you about my experience with tinnitus, I'm going to let you know what happened to, and I'm going to tell you about a potential membership site on curing tinnitus. First off, my experience with tinnitus. I'm going to share that, because I had a pretty rough time at the beginning of tinnitus, and I don't feel I was handled very kindly by the medical community, it was sort of well yeah you've got tinnitus, well that's incurable, here, take this little thing and put it in your ear and it will go like this "SHHHHHHHH" in your ear. Like at that point I wanted any additional noise in my ear.

So it was really really tough for me, and even though this is a deeply deeply person issue, I am going to share it. Because I think that maybe there are some people out there who are supporting someone who has come down with tinnitus or maybe there's someone who's had tinnitus for a long long time, you're either supporting someone or you have tinnitus yourself, and I'm thinking that my information could help you.

Well, it was February 15th 2002 4:30 PM. I think I might have had a little bit of something for breakfast that day, but I went to some meetings, I had a pretty hectic schedule that day and I came home early, but I hadn't eaten. It was like four or three forty five when I came home and I just took a nap, I fell asleep, and I passed out so hard. I was so asleep that I fell on my face kind of like this (pressing hands to face). I fell asleep and I conked out, I think I might have even had my clothes on. I must have kicked off my shoes, but anyway, so I'm in bed like this right (hands pressed to face neck craned to side) and I wake up, and I move my head, and my jaw goes KSCHHH, and Pssssssschhhhh, and just this, this extreme pain and this howling noise. Howling howling noise. Oh my God, I was freaked out. Yeah. And from there, medications, doctors telling me it's incurable, diagnosed with a liver condition and then I found a liver cleanse online and I did this olive oil epsom salts and lemon juice liver cleanse, actually my wife found that online, and I found a bunch of additional recipes and I picked one and I made something that made sense for me and I did it, flushed the liver, went back to the doctor, did the blood tests, and no more liver condition. And the doctor had told me that I was going to need to take one of these two medications, likely for the rest of my life...blah blah blah. So, medications offered, treatments...inadequate treatments, like telling me you're going to need to put this masker in. And before I really dedicated to curing tinnitus or being on the road to curing tinnitus, ending my life seemed like a really really appealing solution. I was going to do it in a fun way. I was going to write all of my friends and relatives and maybe jump out of a plane without a parachute...that was kind of the fun way that when the pain got to be so bad, I would just think about jumping out of a plane and just splat. Maybe above the ocean, uhh, but probably somewhere where there'd be something fun to look at on the way down. (Laughing) The people who don't have tinnitus are thinking that I'm nuts (that are watching this), and the people who do have tinnitus are like yeah yeah, I know what you mean, you know...(laughing). Just (downward motion with hands) Phoooooooof...splat! But then what really freaked me out was, what if we are eternal beings and I committed suicide, and I'm dead right, and I'm eternal, and my soul still has tinnitus. (Laughing) So anybody out there wanna end your life, what about being eternal and still having the condition? That would be so BAD! (Laughing) Oh man that would be bad.

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