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Acúfenos: Cuestionarios para acúfenos de la Universidad de Iowa, USA.

Tinnitus Questionnaires

Two questionnaires that may be useful for professionals working with patients who experience tinnitus are provided as downloadable documents in an Excel spreadsheet format.

These questionnaires may be used to identify specific areas of a patient’s life that are affected by tinnitus as well as to monitor a patient’s progress with a particular treatment. 

The Iowa Tinnitus Handicap Questionnaire was developed and psychometrically measured by Francis K. Kuk, Richard S. Tyler, Daniel Russell, and Herbert Jordan in 1990. Three factors are examined that include the physical, emotional, and social consequences of tinnitus, the hearing ability of the patient, and the patients’ view of tinnitus. 

The Iowa Tinnitus Activities Questionnaire looks at the emotional aspect of tinnitus as well as problems that are associated with concentration, hearing, and sleep due to tinnitus.

Each document contains a scoring component, and we offer two different versions of each questionnaire. The scoring component can be found on the downloaded Excel document by clicking on the "remark" tab near the bottom of the spreadsheet page.

Download Questionnaires



Portugese version provided by Claudia Coelho, MD
Versão em Português fornecida por Claudia Coelho, MD, PhD


Spanish version provided by Paulo Medeiros
Versión española proporcionada por Paulo Medeiros

Fuente: http://www.medicine.uiowa.edu/oto/research/tinnitus/questionairres/

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