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Acúfenos: Sección tratamiento: "How does stapes surgery influence severe disabling tinnitus in otosclerosis patients?"

How does stapes surgery infl uence severe disabling tinnitus in otosclerosis patients?

Oliveira CA
Department of Otolaryngology, Brasilia University Medical School, Brasilia, Brazil.  

Tinnitus is a common symptom in otosclerosis patients. 

Many papers have been written about tinnitus outcome after stapes surgery. 

However, none has attempted to quantify the intensity of the symptom preand postoperatively in order to evaluate the influence of surgery on the degree of annoyance caused by tinnitus. 

Severe disabling tinnitus (SDT) is defined by Shulman as a symptom severe enough to disrupt the patient's routine and to prevent him from performing his daily tasks. 

We have studied 48 consecutive otosclerosis patients by means of a visual analogue scale measuring tinnitus intensity before and after stapes surgery. 

We have accepted tinnitus as severe and disabling when the symptom score was 7 or above in a visual analogue scale from 1 to 10. 

Of 19 patients with preoperative SDT, 10 reported complete remission and 7 reported significant improvement. 

Two patients had no change and none reported worsening of tinnitus after stapes surgery. 

We conclude that stapes surgery can improve SDT significantly in 90% of otosclerosis patients and is very unlikely to make the symptom worse. 

Adv Otorhinolaryngol. 2007;65:343-347.

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