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Tinnitus and the Tinnitus Tamer

It has long been known that Tinnitus is not caused by sound signals originating in the ear.

Recent innovations in medical imaging techniques have made it possible to show that Tinnitus sounds are generated by activity in the auditory neural system in the brain. However, the exact nature and cause of this activity has not yet been determined.

The striking similarities between the Tinnitus sounds and the sound produced by positive feedback in electronic circuits processing audio signals suggest that Tinnitus sounds are caused by positive feedback between neurons in the auditory neural system in the brain by inappropriate axon connections.

We know that learning takes place by weakening or strengthening axon connections in the brain, and that axon connections that are not used will eventually wither away.

The Tinnitus Tamer uses sequences of special tones and silent periods to retrain the neural networks in the auditory system of the brain to weaken, and ultimately eliminate, the positive feedback loop that creates the Tinnitus sound.

Thus, the Tinnitus Tamer uses the resources of your own body to take care of the Tinnitus in a natural way.

Initially, you may note that your Tinnitus is less bothersome while you train with the Tinnitus Tamer. After training for a few weeks, you will be no longer aware of your Tinnitus between sessions. You will have to concentrate on your Tinnitus to hear it, and even then, it will no longer be annoying.

Many Tinnitus sufferers will find that the Tinnitus Tamer completely eliminates the Tinnitus.

Habituation and the Tinnitus Tamer

Habituation is another explanation how the Tinnitus Tamer, and similar auditory training methods, reduce our perception of Tinnitus.

Our sensory systems are very adaptable. We can get used to sensations on the skin, such as the touch of a spider, that at first, bother us. We can get used to all kinds of smells that on first exposure seem intolerable. We can get used to taste sensations that initially are quite unpalatable.

Getting familiar with a sensation so that it no longer feels unpleasant or painful is called habituation. Actually, habituation has changed what goes on in our brain.

The Tinnitus Tamer will help you to habituate your Tinnitus.

Tinnitus Tamer Q&A
Can I try out the TinnitusTamer?
Yes, After you downloaded and installed the Tinnitus Tamer, you can use it for fourteen consecutive days without paying for it. You need to purchase a license to use the Tinnitus Tamer after the initial fourteen days.

Are some features disabled during the try-out period?
No, the software you download provides all the features of the Tinnitus Tamer for a 14 day period after its first use. However, the Tinnitus Tamer 4 only create files from tone sequences after a license has been purchased.

What other equipment do I need?
In addition to the computer, you only need a pair of earphones. Please download the User Manual to learn more about which earphones are best for use with the Tinnitus Tamer.

What technical skills do I need to use the Tinnitus Tamer?
The Tinnitus Tamer includes nine pre-programmed training sequences that you can use without making any adjustments at all. At this level you need no technical skills other than those you need to operate your computer. The User Manual teaches you the simple technical skills you need to optimize the pre-programmed training sequences for your Tinnitus. If you change a training sequence, and you do not like your changes, the Tinnitus Tamer lets you always go back to the original sequence.

Can I listen to the tone sequences when I am away from my computer?
Yes, the Tinnitus Tamer 4 lets you create sound files from personalized tone sequences. You can copy these files to another computer, or an iPod, to continue treatment while away from your own computer.

How do I get the Tinnitus Tamer?
Select the Tinnitus Tamer version for your computer operating system in the left column on this web page, and click "Download".

Where can I find more information on the Tinnitus Tamer?
In the Tinnitus Tamer brochure or the User Manual.

The User Manual is included in all of the Tinnitus Tamer downloads.
If you want to read the User Manual without downloading the Tinnitus Tamer, click "Download" in the User Manual box in the left column on this web page to download only the User Manual.

To download the Tinnitus Tamer brochure click "Download" in the One-Page Brochure box in the left column on this web page.

How do I pay for the Tinnitus Tamer?
You can purchase a license via mail, e-mail, fax, or on-line through a secure web server. You can pay by cash, check, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, PayPal or Money Order.
You can purchase directly form this page by clicking on the Kagi icon in the left column of this web page.

A single-user license for the Tinnitus Tamer is US$35.00.
Fuente: http://www.vavsoft.com/Tinnitus_Tamer.html

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