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A new audio processor for combined electric and acoustic stimulation for the treatment of partial deafness.

Lorens, A.; Zgoda, M.; Skarzynski, H.

Abstract Conclusion: 
The results of this study demonstrate that a conversion from the Duet to Duet 2 audio processor greatly improved patient satisfaction and subjective benefits. 

Objectives: The aims of this study were to compare the DUET 2 audio processor to the DUET speech processor and to evaluate DUET 2 user satisfaction subjectively.

Methods: Ten experienced electric acoustic stimulation (EAS) users following partial deafness treatment upgraded from the MED-EL DUET to the DUET 2 were tested with the adaptive auditory speech test, Pruszewicz monosyllabic word test, visual analog scales, and Duet 2 user questionnaire.

Tests were performed post-upgrade and compared simultaneously to the DUET at three test intervals over 3 months.

Results: Objective analyses showed that all subjects performed as well with the DUET 2 as the DUET. 

There was a tendency toward better results with the DUET 2. Subjective testing indicated DUET 2 user preference upon speech and musical stimuli. 

DUET 2 subject satisfaction was high for wearing comfort, sound quality, and for FineTuner and Private Alert features.

Fuente: Acta Oto-Layngologica
 Vol. 132 Nro. 7 Página: 739 - 50 Fecha de publicación: 01/07/2012

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