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White Noise sound machines

White Noise Sound Machines: Top 5!

If you suffer from ringing in the ears or tinnitus, chances are you have a tough time getting a good night’s sleep. For most sufferers, their tinnitus symptoms such as ringing in the ears, buzzing or clicking wake them up in the middle of the night, interrupt your REM cycle and disturb your sleeping pattern.
Numerous tinnitus patients suffer from insomnia, nervousness, anxiety and depression, in addition to ringing in the ears and hearing loss.

White noise sound machines are gaining popularity as an alternative to sleep medications.
According to Consumer Reports, white noise machines are almost as effective at inducing restful sleep as sleep medications.
Physicians often recommend that tinnitus patients use a white noise machine at bedtime.
Listing to the soothing sounds of breezes, raindrops or bonfires may help you get to sleep quicker, making it easier for you to wake up every morning and feel refreshed.
Below is list of the top five white noise machines!
  1. Brookstone Tranquil Moments Sound Therapy System (Brookstone.com)- $129.95. With this white noise machine you can choose from 5 different nature sounds, in addition to 7 white noise programs.
  2. Sound Screen and SleepMate (Marpac.com)-$59.95. This emits white noises that sound like rushing air and effectively masks out unwanted noises such as tinnitus ringing.
  3. Homedics SoundSpa (Walmart.com)- $19.97. This SoundSpa is lightweight, compact and is programmed with six soundtracks, including ocean breeze, rain forest, rain shower, waterfall rapids, nighttime and gentle heartbeat.
  4. Marsona (Target.com)- $69.99. This white noise machine is small enough to put in a carry-on bag. There are two adjustable settings that emit a constant stream of white noise to help you sleep better.
  5. Ecotiones Duet (Amazon.com)- $129.99. This machine reacts to the level of environmental noise and automatically adjusts its volume accordingly. There are ten sounds that mimic the sounds of nature.
Above are the top five suggested white noise machines for tinnitus and ringing in the ears. The symptoms of tinnitus can be frustrating and even more so when you are trying to go to sleep. If you haven’t already, try one of the white noise machines above to help you get a restful nights sleep!

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