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Book "Only when I eat: Tinnitus hope at last"

ONLY WHEN I EAT was a breakthrough book on tinnitus and the effects of diet.

It was written by tinnitus sufferer and biochemist June Rogers who explained how those suffering with tinnitus are most likely to be able to relieve the symptoms of their tinnitus by adjusting their diet.

ONLY WHEN I EAT was originally based on June's personal observations as to the fluctations of her tinnitus. Later, she verified these observations with painstaking research into tinnitus, carried out over many years.

June differentiates between those who suffer from tinnitus and those who have Meniere's Disease, which is tinnitus-type noises combined with serious loss of balance.

She was convinced that Vincent Van Gogh suffered from Meniere's Disease, and in his published diaries all the food he ate is meticulously recorded, and would, reliably cofirm this view.
June excluded sufferers whose tinnitus sounds were temporary from benefitting from her dietary advice.

Perhaps their tinnitus symptoms were a side effects associated with a patent medicine and would clear up in time.

Temporary tinnitus symptoms might also result from a bacterial infection. A virus could be another cause of tinnitus symptoms, so could severe catarah, or a temporary nerve disorder.

June was surprised to learn that many individuals who had been struck by lightening; were in the immediate vicinity when lightening went to earth; or had been on the telephone during an electrical storm overhead, went on to develop tinnitus symptoms.

ONLY WHEN I EAT is based around a vegetarian diet. This can be adapted if you are not a vegetarian, although this is not recommended! June was a strict vegetarian bordering on vegan.

She was the Hon. Treasurer of the Research Committee of UK Vegetarian Society, which committee sadly no longer exists. Whilst serving on it June collaborated with the well known biochemist and vegan Dr. Alan Long.

ONLY WHEN I EAT is a worthy forerunner of the many insights on tinnitus and diet still to come.

Jacyntha Crawley.
Fuente: Google Books: Only when I eat: Tinnitus hope at last, Escrito por June Rogers
foto: "The Secret behind Natural Tinnitus Relief"/www.naturaltinnitusrelief.com

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