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Digital Hearing Aids with Bluetooth Technology for 8 Devices

Monday, July 26th 2010

In the past wearing hearing aids has made it difficult to use various audio devices such as cell phones and Mp3 players to name a few.  However with today's latest digital hearing aids combined with Bluetooth technology has changed the way hearing aid users stay connected. Sound is no longer only delivered as sound waves moving through air. No, today, hearing aid users can receive sound delivered directly to their hearing aids wirelessly from a variety of audio devices.
No more tangled mesh of wires. No more missing out. No more disconnected calls. With Bluetooth wireless technology and the right hearing aids, you stay plugged in even when you're out of the office and on the road. The signal comes through loud and clear thanks to the latest advancements in digital hearing aid technology.

Hearing Aids and a Bluetooth Streamer

Bluetooth eliminates the need for wires, cables and other "hard connections" that were standard issue on hearing aids just a few years ago. Today, using wireless connectivity and the right ear gear, you're plugged in all day – on the grid and in touch with business associates, family, friends, and listening to your favorite tunes – wirelessly thanks to the adaptation of Bluetooth wireless technology to hearing aids.
One example comes from leading hearing aid designer, Oticon – a company known by hearing professionals as a leader in innovative hearing solutions. Oticon didn't just add wireless connectivity to its hearing aid lines, it created an entire line called Oticon ConnectLine – a system that allows Oticon hearing aids to connect with virtually any audio device – cell phones, IPods, PDAs and even TV broadcasts, enabling those of us with hearing loss to enjoy our favorite shows at sound levels that don't hurt the ears of other viewers in the room.
Oticon's Bluetooth Streamer, the most important part of the ConnectLine, picks up wireless signals from an array of sources and delivers them directly to your hearing aids wirelessly. In effect, there's seamless connectivity between the wireless world and your hearing aids. You stay plugged in anywhere. EVERYWHERE!

Hearing Aids that Hook You Up: ConnectLine from Oticon

bluetooth hearing aids
Oticon ConnectLine Allows Wireless Connectivity
Full bore connectivity isn't as easy as it sounds (pun intended). In fact, to create a device capable of translating various wireless signals from a variety of devices is a complex undertaking. Your cell phone, for example, employs one bandwidth while you're TV or other wireless devices use different bandwidths so you don't hear the TV through your cell phone and vice-versa.
To solve the connectivity problem so that their lines of hearing aids with Bluetooth provide wireless connectivity across a variety of wireless "platforms," Oticon has developed a cutting edge technology called ConnectLine to enable hearing aid wearers to access wireless signals regardless of source and type.
The ConnectLine TV adapter, for example, hooks into the back of that brand-new HDTV you just bought and delivers crystal clear sound at levels that all members of the family can enjoy. The hearing aid wearer receives the TV's audio signal direct into their hearing aids wirelessly and with a manual adjustment, can increase sound volume to a comfortable listening level that best suits his or her hearing loss – the extent of the hearing loss and the specific frequencies in which hearing is impaired. Others in the room? They listen to the TV at normal levels and are unaffected.
Benefit? Everyone is happy with the level of the TV and everyone can hear crystal clear sound.
The ConnectLine Telephone Adapter works with your landline telephone so you hear the person over the phone directly through your hearing aids resulting in clear sound without the worry of feedback. As soon as you are done with your call you can simply go back to normal listening with a simple push of a button.
Cell phones? Not a problem. Your Bluetooth enabled cell phone connects to the ConnectLine Streamer to deliver your calls directly to both of your hearing aids. Essentially your hearing aids turn into a hands free headset allowing you to hear excellent sound quality while maintain your driving ability.

Wireless Advantages for Hearing Aids

wireless hearing aids
Your hearing aids become a hands-free headset
What are the advantages of Oticon's ConnectLine? Many, and broad-based, at that. ConnectLine works in sync with Oticon's Streamer to deliver quality sound directly to the hearing aids from a wide range of sources.
Using ConnectLine, in conjunction with Oticon's Streamer, you have fully integrated compatibility of signal type regardless of which band the wireless signal employs. Translation? Your TV, landline telephone, cell, PDA, MP3 player and other wireless devices are all accessible with ConnectLine working in conjunction with The Streamer so, regardless of the source of the wireless signal, you're on the receiving end of full-spectrum, quality sound.
With ConnectLine, signal strength is sure and true. No more dropouts or unexpected volume shifts. Set it once and forget it. Oticon designed ConnectLine tech to be used everyday. And you will use it everyday once you enjoy the benefits of wireless connectivity across a variety of platforms.
Hooking up ConnectLine is a breeze. Insert this plug here, that plug there and you're good to go, even as you move around the room. ConnectLine broadcasts a strong signal and makes it easy to switch from one device to another. So when the mobile phone rings, you answer without having to unplug the TV ConnectLine box. Convenience you'll appreciate from day one. (And so will everyone else in the house.)
The Bluetooth Streamer delivers signals from up to eight different devices. What you got? Cell? Done. MP3? Done. Landline? No problem. ConnectLine for your TV? Simple. You'll never run out of connectivity options with Oticon's Streamer and ConnectLine, simplifying everyday life – everyday.
Streamer and ConnectLine are easy to use. No constant adjustments. No headaches. No hassles. Oticon puts you in control of what you hear – just like things used to be.
The ConnectLine Adaptors have a high-tech appearance and fit any décor so you don't have to hide them behind a potted plant, either. Show them off. It's cool.
Using Oticon's Streamer allows audio signals to stream directly to your hearing aids delivering binaural hearing (two ear) connections to any wireless device. The Streamer can be placed around your neck and worn throughout the day in complete comfort, picking up wireless signals from up to 30 feet from the device itself.
Or, if you prefer, carry the Streamer discretely in a coat pocket to hear the wireless world around you. You can even set your Streamer to remotely adjust volume control or put the device on stand-by so you're always connected, wherever you are. There's a manual override function, as well, enabling you to adjust volume in unusual listening conditions.

Oticon Hearing Aids: Connectivity Crosses All Lines

It's all about options – options that suit your needs and preferences.
If you are seeking wireless connectivity, Oticon offers their ConnectLine in a variety of products and price points. Currently ConnectLine is available in the Oticon Agil product line, Dual, Epoq, Safari and Vigo Connect – all tunable by your audiologist or hearing aid practitioner to deliver the best listening experience available.
Today, connectivity is critical. We rely on cell phones and GPS systems. We enjoy wireless connectivity from our MP3 players and HDTVs. Well, with Oticon's farsighted connectivity options, you no longer have to strain to hear the speaker. The sound is delivered right to your hearing aids enhancing the use of your hearing aids in any listening environment.
So stop disconnecting, join in the wireless revolution and get yourself hooked up again. It's a wireless world and you should be a part of it.
Want to learn more about the Oticon ConnectLine? Visit Healthy Hearing's Oticon ConnectLine Hearing Aids page. Or visit a hearing professional or hearing aid center near you to get connected today
Fuente: Healthy Hearing

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