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Acúfenos: tratamiento de la hipoacusia subita en diabeticos con Lipoprostaglandina E1

Lipo-prostaglandin E1 in combination with steroid therapy is effective for treatment of sudden sensorineural hearing loss in Korean patients with Type 2 diabetes.

Department of Otolaryngology, Asan Medical Center, University of Ulsan College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea.


BACKGROUND: Diabetes mellitus is a risk factor for sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSNHL), possibly as a result of microvascular damage, increased blood viscosity and embolic and thrombotic episodes. Aim To perform a prospective, randomized clinical trial to determine the therapeutic effect of lipo-prostaglandin E(1) (lipo-PGE(1)) on SSNHL in Korean patients with Type 2 diabetes.
METHODS: The study group consisted of 270 consecutive Korean patients (130 male, 140 female) in whom SSNHL was diagnosed. Patients were classified as diabetic or non-diabetic by the new American Diabetes Association criteria. With the approval of the institute ethics committee, patients were randomly assigned to treatment with of 10 microg lipo-PGE(1) (lipo-PGE(1) group) given as a continuous infusion over 5 days, or saline (placebo group). In addition, all patients studied were treated with 48 mg methylprednisolone for 5 days.
RESULTS: The overall recovery rates after treatment were 51.5% in diabetic and 64.2% in non-diabetic patients. In diabetic patients, there was a significantly higher rate of hearing improvement in the lipo-PGE(1) group (64.7%) compared with the placebo group (37.5%), whereas, in non-diabetic patients, there was no significant difference in rate of hearing improvement between the lipo-PGE(1) group (70.3%) and the placebo group (58.3%).
CONCLUSION: Lipo-PGE(1) may have beneficial effects in the treatment of SSNHL in Korean patients with Type 2 diabetes.
Fuente :Diabet Med. 2006 Dec;23(12):1339-43.

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