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Health News (Teenage Hearing Loss)

February 8th, 2011 Teen hearing loss is up these days. The latest numbers show that hearing loss up from 15-percent of teenagers in 1994, to almost 20-percent in 2006.
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The Doctor’s show tinnitus discussion

February 8th, 2011 The Doctor’s discuss tinnitus and its causes and possible cures on the August 10, 2010 program
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The Sound of Tinnitus , or ‘ringing ears’ Part One

February 8th, 2011 Tinnitus is experienced as noises or ‘ringing ears’, when there is no such external noise. It can include many sounds such as ringing, cicadas, buzzing…
Tinnitus is infrequent for some, but for others it’s constant. There is no cure for tinnitus, but there are therapies http://www.hearingandbalance.com.au
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February 8th, 2011 This Absolutey Cured My Tinnitus… http://bit.ly/e8ghOt
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Treatment For Tinnitus

February 8th, 2011 My Tiinnitus Has Been Cured by This: http://bit.ly/e8ghOt
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Why would the courts have a 2nd merit hearing and family planning meeting in South Carolina?

February 8th, 2011 Im a foster parent. My foster childs family had an initial family planning meeting and then a merits hearing. It has been 2 months and they are now having a 2nd family planning meeting and a 2nd merits hearing, why? They appear to be following the classes they need to take, is this just normal t do? To continue having merits hearing etc. until the returns to its biological parents?
Im new, so Im curious. Thanks!

It’s typical to have family planning meetings or service plan reviews every followed by a court appearance every 6mo. If the parents are doing really well, and it looks like the child may be returned before the 6mo, they’ll move it up. The other reason for more frequent court hearings is the parents lawyer. A really aggressive lawyer can petition the court more often in an attempt to get the child return more quickly.
With our first case we were in court every other week because Dad’s lawyer was very thorough and insisted that Dad be able to prove his progress to the judge. In every other case, we’ve gone to court every 6mo.

Selective Sound Sensitivity Syndrome (Hyperacusis, 4S) also OCD?

February 6th, 2011 I just realized that I have Selective Sound Sensitivity Syndrome (4S). All this time i thought i was alone or just had anger issues or was being over-dramatic and i just researched my symptoms and found out about it. I really want to get help with this, but im only 13. Whenever i hear people smacking their mouths and eating noises i get extremely angry and upset. I have even broken things because of this, when i slammed them down on the ground to relieve my anger. I really want it to stop because every time i ask someone to stop making that sound, especially at the dinner table, they get annoyed with me and think im just being over dramatic. The only problem is, i dont know how to tell my mom. Im worried that she wont take me seriously and think that Im only saying that to get attention. Im also embarassed about it. Has anyone else had 4S and knows how to tell people?
Sorry this is long.
Another thing I think i might have is OCD. I have most of the symptoms. I have unwanted or unacceptable thoughts, I do rituals everyday and think something horrible will happen if i dont do them. I also things like colors and letters could symbolize things when they really dont. (Ex.-D for death, red for blood.) I also will repeatedly erase and rewrite numbers and letter on things like homework because i constantly dont think they look right and feel like i have to. I always make sure things are even on both sides, and Im very weird about germs and diseases. With this I am also worried about tell my mom, because what if she thinks Im just being silly or thinks that I just want attention but i really dont. I just want help. Please help me.
Thank you so much!!!

Join the club! Im the same age as you, and unfortunately have 4s, too. I have the same reactions, an sometimes hurt myself to stop from hurting the person. The best way to tell your parents is to tell them whats going through your mind when you here the noises, and explain how it affects you. Hopefully they will understand that it is worse than nails on a chalkboard. I told my mom that I cant think straight, and that it is beyond the realm of uncomfortable. It tends to be genetic, so maybe somebody else, like an uncle has it? Unfortunately there is no real "cure" for selective sound, but a therapist could help. I know its impossible to focus on other things, so Im not even going to suggest that.
Also, it does sound like you have OCD. Tell your mom about those symptoms, and if a fourteen year old like me can understand the signs, she most likely will to.
Best of luck!

How To Stop Tinnitus

February 5th, 2011 http://www.tinnitusgo.cjb.net
stop tinnitus
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Significant Tinnitus Cure Information 2

February 5th, 2011 bradleyfox11http://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/users/bradleyfox11Peoplehearing loss treatment, tinnitus cure, ear ringingSignificant Tinnitus Cure Information 2
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