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Hiperacusia: Sección Etiologia: metastasis oseas

Multiple cranial lesions with porropsia and hyperacusisnext term

Max H. Weinberg M.D., Neurologist, Associate in Neurology b, a, 1 and Stuart N. Rowe M.D., Associate in Neurosurgery, Consultant in Neurosurgery c, b, 1
a Ohio Valley Hospital, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
b Western Pennsylvania Hospital, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
c Veterans Administration, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Available online 20 March 2004.


1. 1. A case of occipital metastatic osteomyelitis of the skull with an epidural abscess associated with a right sided chronic subdural hematoma is reported.
2. 2. Among other symptoms the patient complained of porropsia and previous term A search of the literature reveals only one other case presenting this combination of symptoms.
3. 3. Surgical extirpation of the infected bone and the discovery and drainage of the subdural hematoma eleven days later resulted in complete relief of the patient's symptoms. 
 When last seen, sixteen months after operation, the patient was free from symptoms, neurologic examination revealed no abnormalities, and the osteomyelitis of the skull was completely healed.

• References
1 From the Neurological and Neurosurgical Services, Western Pennsylvania Hospital, Pittsburgh.

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